Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Why you shouldn't eat yellow snow, Tory/NDP news

As seen here and here, Rochelle Squires is planning to take a run at the Tory nomination in Riel. With Rochelle's splashy website and her few close friends, I wonder if the Tory candidate of record, who is also said to be interested in running again for the nomination is going to be scared off.

The NDP is looking to fill their soon to be vacant senior administrative position, as Provincial Secretary Sonia Kowalewich is retiring. The first task at hand for the new candidate (as I see it) is to review the leadership nomination process and advise on how it can be approved. The deadline to apply for the position is January 27.

For those leaving rude remarks because you can’t find information on this blog on why you shouldn’t eat yellow snow, please go here. And you shouldn’t need a website to figure this out. A little Common sense people.