Monday, April 6, 2009

Cabinet Shuffle

Now that the new MLAs have been sworn in, a Cabinet shuffle is in order.

Please note that these are complete guesses (in my defence, the Premier himself likely doesn’t know what he will do so how am I supposed to read his mind).

First, I don’t think the shuffle will occur during this present session. The Premier will wait until the summer to give Blaikie a bit of time to get adjusted to his new life before making any changes. It’s not unusual for the Premier to let a Cabinet posting stay vacant for a relatively long length of time. Andrew Swan became permanent Minister of Competitiveness, Training and Trade in February 2008, over 8 months after Scott Smith vacated the post due to his loss in the May 22, 2007 election.

Second, it won’t be a major change so don't expect Oswald or Selinger to get moved. Doer has stayed away from major shuffles and he isn't going to start now especially with the current economic situation. And if it aint broke, don't shuffle it.

Now for the guess work...

1. Current Culture Minister Eric Robinson will get his old gig back at Aboriginal and Northern Affairs. This is one is pretty straightforward. Mr. Whitehead is from all accounts quite capable but wouldn't be ready just yet for a Cabinet post.
2. Either Diane McGifford or Peter Bjornson will get moved to Culture, while Blaikie will get the position vacated.

Why? I don’t know, it’s just a hunch.

McGifford is due for a move and has had the Culture post before so it wouldn't be a big adjustement for her. She would just need to do some of her dirty work first.

But Advanced Education might be too junior a position for Blaikie which is why Education might also be a good fit.

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