Thursday, February 19, 2009

They are watching you

Our friend at endless spin recently pondered whether bloggers actually had much of an affect on the political discourse.

Well a certain government (not likely the one you are thinking of) has started officially monitoring blogs. We all know that government staffers have been looking at our scribbles now and then, usually just for a good laugh, a bit of gossip or to gage the importance of an issue. But now this is different. They have government staff monitor the blogs, analyse the top issues and create a weekly BLOGWATCH which is sent around to all communication and political staff. Just thought you should know.


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  2. That's good to hear. For decades, probably over a century, some poor staffer's job was to get in early and do "the clippings" for compilation and distribution.

    With the dreaded days of scissors and faxing pretty much gone in favour of electronic versions I am glad that they have added blogs to the mix.

    Oh, and in a recent poll 56% of people said they'd like Vic Toewes better if he shaved his moustache and got a nose ring ....

  3. Perhaps I'm dense.
    Which government?

  4. It's a provincial government but not the province of manitoba.

  5. @ Mr. Christian
    re: Toews I am still laughing. If Vicky did get a nose ring it would match the on on his....

    @ Yellow Snow - fully believe you on the monitoring of blogs by political staff. Before my divorce from Smart Arse at Ripping Arses we were probably getting probably 50+ hits a week from (Group Telecom at the Ledge, WRHA, gov.mb, Ontario and - House of Commons). Curiously, none of them ever left comments. Odd?