Friday, February 13, 2009

Walking and chewing gum

So Hughie has decided that he wants the legislature to be recalled early. He must be feeling bad for having taken over a month off and is now trying to make up for it.

Clamouring for the legislature to go back early is of course the oldest opposition tactic in the book. It’s like clockwork; every year a few weeks before the legislature is expected to sit, the opposition will take whatever issue du jour is making headlines (think bse, crocus, the economy, flooding) and demand that the legislature reconvene. It’s getting a bit old and I wonder why the press keeps falling for this yearly ritual.

I find it disingenuous for Hughie to insinuate that work doesn’t get done and that the government can’t be held accountable without the house sitting. Anyone who has spent any time around the legislature, parliament or city hall knows that just as much work (if not more) gets done by the government when the house is not sitting (except maybe in the dog days of summer).

And the crack about chewing gum and walking. Come on Hughie, you can do better than that! Doer can chew gum, walk, juggle blindfolded, play hockey, drink a beer and run a province all at the same time.

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