Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Will the real Hugh please stand up

On the upper right side is opposition leader Hugh McFadyen. On the lower left side we have Paul Plakas, host of the TV show X-Weighted. I was thinking we can use Paul as a stand-in when Hugh McFadyen disappears like he is apt to do. On a few occasions, he has been completely invisible. For example, I don’t think he’s been quoted in the Free Press once this year. Paul, you’re in…let’s see if you can do any better.


  1. Damn you "Yellow Snow"! That was our idea for next week. We even had 'mute' experts lined up to attest to the relationship between impotence and prolonged silence!

    p.s. well done! Wee-Hughie must either start speaking for "something" or, he should leave the whole pol biz, knowing he's never gonna achieve "nuthin'".

  2. Well, Obama has now started the trend that fit leaders with good abs are 'in'. Maybe just ditch "Whu ?" all together and be ahead of the curve !