Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Details, details

I know I'm being picky here but we have two different headlines, two different amounts.

Looks like rounding up is the culprit here but some of the other numbers in the stories also don’t make sense.

FP: “The report found Ottawa is owed $7.9 million from Manitoba Hydro related to construction of a northern transmission line”.

Later in the story, “Ottawa is owed $7.6 million from Manitoba Hydro as part of a northern transmission line”.

Well which one is it? I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, probably just a typo.

CP: "Among the problems, the audit found that the Crown was shortchanged almost $8 million as part of a northern transmission deal with Manitoba Hydro which was intended to bring remote First Nations onto the provincial power grid. Senior managers also failed to maintain proper books and wrote off a "recoverable" $2.7 million in the deal".

"Auditors also found the department overpaid the Fairford First Nation $1.2 million in a land-claim settlement because it wasn't made clear that the money had to be repaid. In another case, a senior manager signed a deal for a First Nations project in Winnipeg worth almost $500,000. That figure far exceeded the manager's authority".

$8 + $2.7 + $1.2 + $500,000 = at least $10 million or should that be at least $12 million. Is the $2.7 counted already in the $8 million figure. Probably, but hard to tell by this story.

I guess I'll have to read the report myself.

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  1. Damn numbers! Reporters throw them around without regard for their import! Of course, to be fair, the press seems to be as numerically negligent as the Crown in this case.