Saturday, January 10, 2009


The CBC has often criticized government for its lack of openness. In 2007, the mother corp became subject to the federal Access to Information Act. And where did the CBC rank in the recently released Canadian Newspaper Association's annual audit for openness? Pretty much at the bottom of the list with a grade of D. BTW, the Manitoba government ranked fourth with a B+.


  1. Our MotherCorp has a serious PR problem on its hands. And transparency is but one of its shortcomings. Lately I find there is an insular aspect to its national/provincial news coverage that prevents it from delving critically into serious national/local issues. I am not sure if this is a function of budget - or - of only going after the easy stories. But I find they are failing to 'dig deep' on many issues.

  2. The problem with the CBC is that it acts like a Federal bureaucracy. The mindset at the top is that they are accountable only when they feel like being accountable. Best thing that could happen is a culling at the top. In my mind, CBC management is too arrogant.