Monday, January 12, 2009

Now I can’t criticise the media all the time

I think the reporter has done a pretty good job with this story. The new ridings will mostly make it tougher for the NDP in Winnipeg including for Erin Selby as she loses the NDP friendly Windsor Park portion of her riding and for Marilyn Brick which also loses some good NDP turf. It will also be interesting to see what will happen with Fort-Garry Riverview and Fort Richmond. There has been some talk of Diane McGifford retiring including here. If that happened I would anticipate Kerri Irvin-Ross wanting to represent Fort-Garry Riverview which would leave Fort Richmond wide open.

It’s not all bad news for the NDP. The boundary changes do help Ron Lemieux in Dawson Trail as it removes the more conservative part of the riding and give the NDP a better chance at knocking off Lamoureux…again.


  1. Fair post. Agree on Lamoureux especially. Outside of fortress Wpg, it hurts Stan as well doesn't it?

    Re: McGifford, try this: