Tuesday, November 3, 2009

+/- Cabinet Style

+ for changing the name of the Department of Competitiveness Training and Trade because nobody could say the word “competitiveness” let alone spell it.

- for replacing it with another equally unpronounceable name “entrepreneurship” that even the government’s backgrounder spelled incorrectly.

- for not putting Sport with Healthy Living, an obvious fit.

+ for naming Eric Robinson co-Deputy Premier.

+ for elevating two female backbenchers to Cabinet for a grand total of eight.

- to one of them for spilling the beans early.

- to a few of the old guard for not doing the “honourable” thing. You know who you are.

- to Yellow Snow who only correctly predicted 50 % of new Cabinet personnel.

The new Ministers (Blaikie, Marcelino, Howard).

Andrew Swan, for the new high profile position.

Ashton, for picking up a fairly prominent position he once held, retaining Emergency Measures and getting additional duties (Lotteries).

Rosann Wowchuk, first female Manitoba Finance Minister.

Ron Lemieux, the Intergovernmental Affairs Department has been pretty much gutted. Emergency Measures gone, Neighborhoods Alive! gone. Not much left in the new “Local Government Department”.

Jim Rondeau, back to where he started.

Peter Bjornson, a slight demotion.

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