Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cabinet Shuffle Prediction

With a Cabinet shuffle expected shortly, here are my predictions. The size of the shuffle will depend on whether some of the current Cabinet Ministers not running for re-election in 2011 decide to do a Tim Sale and leave Cabinet early to give younger MLAs time in a higher profile position before the next election.

Erin Selby, Minister of Healthy Living
She’s photogenic and in a swing seat, an obvious choice for Minister of photo-ops.

Bill Blaikie, Minister of Advanced Education
It won’t be a surprise when he’s added to Cabinet but not sure exactly in what capacity. I've slotted him in Advanced Education for now.

Jennifer Howard, Minister of Labour and Immigration
She’s capable and a good fit in this department.

Drew Caldwell, Minister of Competitiveness, Training and Trade
He’s back??

Dianne McGifford, Minister of Advanced Education
She’s said to be on her way out. This might be the perfect time to exit gracefully.

Dave Chomiak, Minister of Justice
He has been a great Minister in some very difficult portfolios. He has also had to deal with some difficult personal issues. He has served the province well and deserves to enjoy life without all the stress of being a Cabinet Minister.

Rosann Wowchuk, Minister of Finance
First female Minister of Finance in Manitoba. I like the sound of it.

Eric Robinson, Minister of Aboriginal and Northern Affairs
He’s served as Culture Minister but with the passing of Oscar Lathlin he’s the logical choice for the position.

Kerri Irvin-Ross, Minister of Culture, Heritage, Tourism and Sport
A slight promotion.

Andrew Swan, Minister of Justice
He’s been groomed for the position. It’s time.

Stan Struthers, Minister of Agriculture
Mainly because there are only a couple of rural members in the NDP to choose from.

Nancy Allan, Minister of Education
She’s been a capable Minister, a former school trustee and has also been the Legislative Assistant to the Minister of Education in the past.

Peter Bjornson, Minister of Conservation

Gord Mackintosh, Minister of Human Misery (Family Services and Housing)

Ron Lemieux, Minister of Infrastructure and Transportation

Theresa Oswald, Minister of Health
She’s not going to be shuffled during a possible pandemic.

Christine Melnick, Minister of Water Stewardship

Jim Rondeau, Science, Technology, Energy and Mines

Steve Ashton, Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs
The Premier has promised to keep him in Cabinet and he has done a good job dealing with municipalities on flood issues.

Greg Selinger, Minister of French Language Services
Because no one else can do it.


  1. Question is...who is going to be the Minister for Hydro ? That isn't a bag of shit I would want to hold.

  2. Howard will get FS&H. Time for Gordo to move on.

  3. This is old news - wowchuck has been written up in the press for the last few days as the minister of finance. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. We've been waiting for a cabinet shuffle for two weeks now. This is taking a while, isn't it?