Sunday, October 4, 2009

Update: Ashton closes the gap

Ashton is like the bad guy in a scary movie that just won't die. He has taken 128 of 138 delegates in The Maples and reportedly taken the Interlake. However, after taking St. Norbert, Wellington and Point Douglas on Thursday, Selinger is still ahead.

On a different matter, Ashton and Wyatt need to stop running to the press every time one of their supporters don't get to vote because they didn't follow a rule. The process is clearly explained from the onset and are the same for both sides. The Maples meeting was well organized and went smoothly. Yes it was long but don't you think Selinger's supporters have families too or was it because they went for a smoke.

Selinger: 644
Ashton: 518
Swan or undeclared: 111 (most of these are Selinger's)

Delegates left: 863
-112 delegates at constituencies (eight constituencies go Sunday, the biggest being Fort Whyte and 7 others in the Westman region)

-107 at MYND (on Tuesday)

-430 at Labour

-214 super delegates


  1. Ashton swept the Interlake.
    Hopefully they have a recount in Inkster, because Selinger and his cronies fixed that one.

  2. Oooh... Steve Ashton as the Schwarzenegger cyborg in The Terminator? He might like that!

  3. I hope he does it, but am not holding my breath the super delegates and labour seem to be lining up behind greggy as per the marching orders from Gary et al