Wednesday, October 28, 2009

He’s everywhere

I’ve been noticing that our new omnipresent Premier has been out and about announcing anything and everything imaginable.

While former Premier Doer would only announce major initiatives and let his Ministers take care of the more mundane news, there has been shift with the “new” regime.

Selinger has been front and centre at announcements over the last few weeks.

For example, today he committed $42 million for mines cleanup.

Yesterday he announced new child care spaces.

On Monday, he called for applications for youth leadership scholarships awards.

Last week he announced environmental improvements to Brandon’s landfill site, a new grant for St. Boniface College and improvements to the Trans-Canada Highway.

This makes sense. Get out there; solidify your image before the Tories have a chance to define you first ala Stephane Dion.

I imagine that this new communications strategy will only last for a few weeks or at least until Manitobans start realizing we have a new Premier.

1 comment:

  1. A necessary evil for our newly anointed Premier - announcements and photo ops are important - but what will be even MORE important is the message he sends in his 1st throne speech. Will it differentiate his administration from Doer's - or will it be a 'status-quo' document.

    My preference, the speech pays only a brief homage to the past BUT keeps its focus on an agenda that is clearly Selinger driven and not a Doer derivative.