Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pay attention Kevin

Liberal MLA Kevin Lamoureux has a reputation for getting up in the legislature on procedural points of order. They range from quirky and odd to downright absurd and generally have little or no merit.

Well, you can add another one to the list.

Today in the house, Liberal MLA Jon Gerrard asked a question to the Premier quoting a letter in his possession. The Premier, in answering the question also quotes the same letter.

Obviously not paying any attention to what is going on, Lamoureux gets up on a point of privilege and demands that the Premier table the letter that his colleague had just read from (and tabled in the house). Way to waste the time of the legislature Kevin. Maybe if the two were able to sit together none of this would of happened. Oh right, they tried that one already (scroll down to matter of privilege, seating arrangement).

Here's the exchange:

Point of Order

Mr. Speaker: The honourable member for Inkster, on a point of order.

Mr. Kevin Lamoureux (Inkster): Yes, on a point of order, Mr. Speaker.

Mr. Speaker, the Premier, in his response to the second question, made direct quote from a letter and, in accordance with our rules, the Premier is required to table it unedited. He made reference that he would want to table it in the future, but it should be tabled unedited. Thank you.

Mr. Speaker: Order. Order. The honourable First Minister, on the same point of order?

Mr. Selinger: The leader of the Liberal Party will share the letter he tabled with his colleague in the Liberal caucus. I'm just quoting from his letter.

Some Honourable Members: Oh, oh.

Mr. Speaker: Our rules are very clear that when members are quoting from a personal–personal, signed letter, that letter must be tabled, but I've just been informed that what the honourable First Minister was quoting from was the letter that the honourable member for River Heights (Mr. Gerrard) had just tabled. So I–the honourable member for Inkster does not have a point of order.

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  1. pay attention there Yellow Snow! Include the full transcript and you'll see that the Premier didn't know what he was saying! He's confused as to which letter he's even talking about!

    Here's what the Premier said:

    Mr. Selinger: I just have to–I just have to say that the Department of Family Services and Housing, in a letter, in the past–and we can make it available by protecting the person it was written to–was very clear. It says the department does not designate spaces specifically for children who are disabled. Child-care facilities accommodate a child with additional support needs on a case-by-case basis. We try to accommodate children on a case-by-case basis.