Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Round 2, X-mas style

It’s round 2 in the media pissing match and the Free Press has not been in the giving mood this holiday season. They have once again opened up a can of worms going after the CBC, the Sun and CJOB for allegedly doing a little rip and read or cut and paste, depending on the medium.

Here are a few things to consider (for the 2 reporters who read this blog):

1) Just because you thought of an angle or believe you got an exclusive doesn’t mean other reporters haven’t also.

For example, Mr. McIntyre, (who ironically has a show on CJOB) if you “immediately recognized” the man as someone you had “written about several times previously”, what makes you think others haven’t.

Also, police, justice and government officials will often contact more than one outlet to “leak” a story. Just remember that your “sources” are likely blabbing all over town.

2) Everyone does it
The Free Press watches CTV, Global and CBC TV and listens to OB every day.
The Sun does the same.
OB, CTV, Global and CBC read the Free Press.

It’s called staying on top of things and there’s nothing wrong with it.

This doesn’t mean you can swipe a story but it does allow you to follow up and confirm the same facts.

3) If you want to keep your exclusive do not do the following:
Do not put your story on your web site.
Do not share it with the Canadian Press.
Do not include it with the editor’s bulletin.

And finally and most importantly remember that the public does not care who got it first.

On a lighter note. Mia’s blog got me thinking about how many politicians actually use the word “Christmas” in their cards. So far, I’ve seen one. And a merry Christmas to you too.

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  1. CBC newsroom tunes into OB for every newscast. Freep is losing its collective MIND. Non-issue.