Friday, December 11, 2009

Today's breaking news

This just in, Manitoba Hydro officials have “conceded” that a western bipole route would leave Manitoba more vulnerable to power outages because of its proximity to Bipole I and II than an eastern route. This was “revealed” at a Hydro open house.

I’m not here to discuss the merit of east vs west, but the fact that a western route is more susceptible to weather related events than an eastern route is as newsworthy as Tiger’s latest exploits or as fresh and new as this former Olympian (who incidentally kinda looks like this Lord of the Rings character.

It was clearly stated in the Farlinger report of 2007. It has been discussed in the house ad nauseum (for an example see below) and it has been reported and discussed in numerous media stories and blogs etc.

So Bill, why are you pretending you’ve just uncovered some great hydro secret?

Hansard, December 19th, 2007
Mr. McFadyen: Hydro said two weeks ago and I quote, further a western routed bipole is generally closer to the existing bipoles 1 and 2 in northern Manitoba than an eastern routed line. So the chances of all three bipoles being interrupted from a weather-related event are greater with a western routing, end of quote.

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