Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lets get ready to rumble

I love boundary changes as they always leave the politicos scrambling. For example after the boundary redistribution in 1998, the Broadway riding held by NDP Conrad Santos was dissolved. He immediately went after the nomination in Wellington which was help by dipper Becky Barrett. Instead of facing Santos, Barrett faced Liberal Kevin Lamoureux in Inkster with the promise of a seat at Cabinet if she was successful. It worked out for the NDP as both Santos and Barrett were victorious.

There will likely be some interesting jockeying with this most recent redistribution.

1) NDP Ron Lemieux: He is the current Infrastructure and Transportation Minister and MLA in La Verendrye. La Verendry has been split in two with the eastern portion being called Dawson Trail. Lemieux will definitely go after the nomination in Dawson Trail which includes his home town of Lorette and the NDP hot spot of Ste. Anne (which wasn't in the proposed riding when the changes were first proposed). The remaining eastern part of La Verendrye is yellow dog country and should be easy pickings for the Tories.

2) Tory Leanne Rowat What happens when the constituency of Minnedosa disappears? Rowat will be looking for a seat. This could include a run at Brandon East or against Len Derkach (who according to the Brandon Sun has suffered a heart attack). She's very capable so I'm sure we haven't seen the last of her yet.

3) Liberal Kevin Lamoureux: Lamoureux is no stranger to these types of challenges. The way I see it he has two options here. He could face NDP newcomer Mohinder Saran in the expanded constituency of the Maples which now takes up a portion of Kevin’s old Inkster riding. Or he could challenge the yet to be named NDP candidate in the newly formed constituency of Tyndall Park which also takes a portion of his old Inkster constituency. In the Maples you take on a NDP MLA in a constituency with a large East Indian population or Tyndall Park where you take on the NDP in a part of the city that traditionally has voted orange. Your guess is as good as mine but I’m sure the NDP would love to knock off Lamoureux.

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