Monday, December 15, 2008

Where did they go?

In the last few months, a few media types seemed to have disappeared off the face of the earth. I asked around to find out where they’ve been hiding.

As mentioned in an earlier blog, CJOB’s capable tandem of Jeff Keele and Colleen Brady has left the AM radio circuit to join Global and City TV respectively. This just in Vic Grant has still not retired.

We haven’t seen Mike Brown’s zany and usually inaccurate reporting at Global as he is now doing some web work at CTV.

Global’s weather girl extraordinaire Stephanie Armstrong has gone west as has bad boy CTV reporter Kevin Armstrong. I’m not getting into details of this one.

Globe and Mail nice guy reporter Joe Friesen has flown the coup and landed in Toronto as has tax-cutting-guru and anti-everything-quote-machine Adrienne Batra.

Rochelle Squires formerly of the Winnipeg Sun and current Free Press blogger had been doing some PR at Springs Church. However, I now hear she’ll be doing some work for Hughie Mc-sweater-boy.


  1. That the employment situation of reporters in this city is fluid is interesting. My question is: Is the quality of news being generated in the public interest suffering?

  2. @BBB IMO I think that happened long ago.

    When I first started to do stuff at City Hall there were a lot of beat reporters, most of them older. Remember Ihor Shaworsky ?! Now, other than the papers, nobody has beat reporters there. Last time I worked at city hall getting news was simply people following up on news releases the city or police sent out to get voice clips to go with the 'story' they were going to do.

    Someone who looked about 20 would come out, get a clip and off they'd go maybe not to be at city hall again for another month.

    Not great reporting and now they'll be less of it.

    Good blog Yellow !