Friday, December 19, 2008

This story again...

In today’s Sun, Ross Romaniuk recycles an old non-story about how Winnipeg is too cold for some French Canadians to visit the Canadian Human Rights Museum. The exact same story appeared in the Free Press (and probably in the Sun) in August 2008. The Sun is already recycling stories now, just imagine how bad their coverage will get when they lose three more reporters?

Museum not so big a draw?
Promotional challenge: Asper
Last Updated: 19th December 2008, 1:06am

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights may not be quite the tourist drawing card officials say it will, according to a recently released government report.

During a 10-day period last winter in 13 cities across the country, the federal Canadian Heritage Department contracted a polling firm to bring together more than 200 people from demographics viewed as most likely to visit the museum to gauge their thoughts.

The report states francophones who participated see Winnipeg's image as that of "cold, nothing to do, far away, and not interesting to visit," and that "very few" of them appear to want to travel to see the museum.

We're too cold for rights museum
Winnipeg Free Press
Friday, August 8, 2008
Byline: Mia Rabson

OTTAWA -- Winnipeg is too cold and too boring a place for French Canadians or visible minorities from Montreal to consider putting the Canadian Museum for Human Rights into their travel plans.

So said focus groups which were held last winter to ask Canadians their thoughts on the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

According to the summary of the focus groups, the location of the museum in Winnipeg was seen "in a negative manner" by French-speaking focus groups in Moncton, Quebec City and Montreal, as well as the visible minority focus group held in Montreal.

"These participants suggested that the city suffers from negative stereotypes such as: cold, nothing to do, far away, and not interesting to visit," says the summary. "Very few of these participants would put the museum on their list of things to see given the distance."

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  1. Jesus - that seems pretty close to plagiarism! Am now waiting for the Sun to recycle stories about Harper's claims during the election that our economy was "sound"! Ha, ha, ha, ....