Monday, December 22, 2008

Conservatives say the darndest things

These are old quotes from Hansard but I just came across them again. I’m sure the Libs and Dippers have said some pretty dumb things too but for now here are few from the Tories.

Ron Schuler “You know, they always get prettier at closing time." Sorry what was that Ron? This kind of talk might go over well in the locker room but not something you want to say in the legislature.

Here’s one from last year in Question Period no less. I will admit that I haven’t been in Tuxedo in a while but as far as I can remember beavers weren’t such a big issue. The beaver deceiver thing is kinda funny but not in question period. With questions like that, it’s no wonder she took a pretty big hit in the 2007 election.

Beaver Population Control Program

Mrs. Heather Stefanson (Tuxedo): Mr. Speaker, in July of this year the Minister of Conservation announced further initiatives to deal with the problem beavers in Manitoba. While I applaud the NDP for carrying on a program initiated by the previous Progressive Conservative government, I was shocked to learn that the method by which the NDP government chose to achieve this goal was through a program known as the Beaver Deceiver program.

Mr. Speaker, is it not enough that the NDP has chosen for eight years to deceive the people of Manitoba that they now have to stoop so low as to deceive the beaver population as well?

Hon. Stan Struthers (Minister of Conservation): I can't help but think a trap has been set for me to step in, but what the heck, Mr. Speaker. This is the same population of beavers that's deceived this government on the other side for how many years?

Mr. Speaker, this is a serious problem in rural Manitoba. This problem causes us millions of dollars in damage every year in Manitoba, every year to our infrastructure. We need to be working with the R.M.s of the area which we're doing, trying to think of ways–

Mrs. Stefanson: Mr. Speaker, as hard as they've tried to deceive even the beavers of Manitoba, even the beavers have outsmarted them. Manitoba beavers have a right to know how many of their relatives have been deceived as a result of this government's Beaver Deceiver program?

Mr. Struthers: It's good to see that my colleague from Tuxedo has finally found an issue she can sink her teeth into.

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  1. RE: "Mr. Struthers: It's good to see that my colleague from Tuxedo has finally found an issue she can sink her teeth into." Was he saying she was a gnawing beaver?