Friday, September 4, 2009

Didn't I just read that

Interesting CBC comments; looks like the Steve Ashton speaking points are making the rounds.

BrianL wrote:
"Steve Ashton represents a significant positive change from the policies of Doer and the like. And as far as politicians go, he is a good one by any standards - honest, experienced, without a hint of controversy, and if he managed to go from winning a squeaker in the early 80s to regularly over 75% these days, he's obviously doing something right. And in a fight with McFadyen, Ashton would make mincemeat out of him. I'm not an NDP member, but this has me thinking of taking out a card."

Tractor wrote:
"Ashton has a reputation as a straight talking, honest and hard-working MLA and Minister. He regularly pulls over three-quarters of the popular vote in his riding (which he took in a squeaker from the Conservative incumbent some time back in the 80s I think?). He has had 20+ years of experience with multiple ministerial portfolios and never a sniff of controversy. Even right-wing commentators in the Winnipeg papers have shown him grudging admiration... and oh yeah, wasn't he the guy who took the Golden Boy down and gave it a good clean and polish? :)

Would you vote for this guy? I would."


  1. By looking at the member profiles of these CBC posters it would appear that Tractor is a Ashton Rep for certain as his post history only shows posts from Sept 3-4/09 and all his posts have been pro Ashton.

    Whereas BrianL is sending the same message, but at least this person is someone who has been posting from May/09 and this was his only post on Ashton.

  2. Actually, I'm a former Thompson boy and I've posted before, just under a different alias.

    For the record, I hadn't heard Ashton's speaking points. If they are now his speaking points, I think he owes me some credit, dammit!

    I quite like Selinger, too. A good mix of finance and social activism. We could do worse.

    Swan, on the other hand... well, I just don't think he's got any reason for being taken seriously as a candidate for Premier. He must be a charmer, but he has not proved himself. Not yet.

    - Tractor