Thursday, September 3, 2009

Now we have a race, well kinda

Steve Ashton is putting on his running shoes and making this a two man race. But the sprint to October 17th is over before it has even started, as Andrew Swan will run circles around him.

Don’t get me wrong, Ashton has his supporters and will bring some fresh new ideas. Unlike Swan, Ashton is not happy with the status quo and the current direction of the party. He’s feisty, quick on his feet and one of the best orators around. He may even sell more memberships than Swan.

But his brand of politics does not resonate with the public and will not win the NDP an election. For this reason he’s a non-starter according to most NDP members. This is not the federal NDP. The provincial wing is not content with being the conscience of the legislature.

This race is more in the category of a him vs him contest or him vs anyone else on the planet.

Only Greg Selinger will make this a true contest. A third candidate would also be good news for Ashton and provide him with some clout in a delegate style convention.

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  1. Something about Andrew Swan running circles around Steve Ashton.