Friday, September 18, 2009

That's all I got this morning

Add this person to this post (she's also going to Shaw but she's staying put in Winnipeg) and add this person (supporting Selinger) to this post. Done for the day!

Ok, maybe not done just yet.

Frank Whitehead, MLA for The Pas has announced that he will be supporting Swan. With 100 delegates coming out of The Pas, this is a very important endorsement, or is it.

Endorsements have been a central theme so far in this leadership race (and on my blog). But I wonder, if the endorsements will translate into delegates at the riding association level.

I would be willing to wager that many riding associations will follow their MLAs' wishes in supporting a certain candidate. However, I see three exceptions. These are Transcona, Radisson and La Verendrye.

I just don’t think that Reid, Jha and Lemieux will be able to convince their members to support their candidate of choice. I believe that Selinger will take all three of these with the help of Blaikie in Transcona/Radisson and his own personal popularity in La Varendrye, which has a large francophone population.

Others such as Southdale, Seine River and Kirkfield Park may also be close and could go Selinger, while St. James could go Swan and Rupertsland may go Ashton.


  1. Talk about an economy of words! Well done.

  2. I'd say that The Pas is pretty unpredictable too. There's no chance of getting a thousand people to show up to a delegate selection meeting (is there even a hall in the riding that could accommodate that many people?), so the efficacy of the various campaigns' phone teams in getting people out will probably have more impact on the way that riding goes than Whitehead's endorsement, I'll wager.

  3. There's no way Rupertsland is going to Ashton.