Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Who's backing who at the zoo

All the serious candidates have declared. To recap, here’s a list of who’s backing who so far.

Andrew Swan
Nancy Allan, MLA St. Vital/Labour Minister
Theresa Oswald, MLA Seine River/Health Minister
Stan Struthers, MLA Dauphin-Roblin/Conservation Minister
Sharon Blady, MLA Kirkfield Park
Erin Selby, MLA Southdale
Pat Martin, MP Winnipeg Centre

Steve Ashton
Bidhu Jha, MLA Radisson
Darryl Reid, MLA Transcona
Tom Nevakshonoff, MLA Interlake
Niki Ashton, MP Churchill

Greg Selinger
Eric Robinson, MLA Rupertsland/Culture Minister
Rosann Wowchuk, MLA Swan River/Ag. Minister
Diane McGifford, MLA Lord Roberts/Advanced Ed. Minister
Kerri Irvin-Ross, MLA Fort Garry/Healthy Living Minister
Rob Altemeyer, MLA Wolseley
Marilyn Brick, MLA St. Norbert
Greg Dewar, MLA Selkirk
Jennifer Howard, MLA Fort Rouge
Doug Martindale, MLA Burrows
Mohinder Saran, MLA The Maples
Added: Flor Marcelino, MLA Wellington

Here are the Cabinet Ministers, caucus members and MPs that have not publicly endorsed anyone yet and a prediction of who I think they will end up supporting.

Bill Blaikie –Selinger, MLA Elmwood
Gord Mackintosh –Swan, MLA St. Johns/Family Services Minister
Jim Rondeau –Selinger, MLA Assiniboia/STEM Minister
Peter Bjornson –Swan, MLA Gimli/Education Minister
Ron Lemieux –Swan, MLA La Verendrye/Infrastructure Minister
Christine Melnick –Selinger, MLA Riel/Water Stewardship Minister
Frank Whitehead -Selinger, MLA The Pas
Gerard Jennissen -Ashton, MLA Flin Flon
Jim Maloway -Ashton, MP Elmwood-Transcona
Drew Caldwell MOVED from no guess to likely Selinger, MLA Brandon East

And those that I can’t even give an educated guess.
Dave Chomiak –??, MLA Kildonan/Justice Minister
Erna Braun -??, MLA Rossmere
Bonnie Korzeniowki –who attended at least two (UPDATE: make that all three) of the conferences. ?? She has been quoted as saying that she will sleep on it another night.
Judy Wasylycia-Leis ??, MP Winnipeg North

UPDATE: Scott Smith (ex MLA Brandon West and currently working in Minister Swan's department) also attended both Swan's and Selinger's newsconferences.

UPDATE: I hear Dan Vandal City Councillor for St. Boniface was at Selinger's launch but this has not been confirmed.

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  1. Nice list. I was meaning to put one like this together myself. I think I agree with all of your guesses as to who each MLA will support. I'm not sure about Blaikie, though. Given the sway his endorsement would likely have, he may decide to keep his preference private (I'm sure he's being intensely lobbied for support).